Smart Toilet gives nutritional advice to Dutch festival visitors

Smart Toilet gives nutritional advice to Dutch festival visitors


Visitors to Lowlands Festival 2019 were able to use Smart Toilets in Rabobanks restaurant Brasserie 2050. These Smart Toilets measure a number of health aspects. Based on the collected data, visitors receive a suggestion for a dish that fits a balanced nutritional requirement.

Nutritional advice based on your toilet visit

The Smart Toilets measure urine, heart rate and blood pressure changes which provides insight into dietary habits. Does the toilet measure a high heart rate? Perhaps more fiber and moisture can help. The ion sensor measures the conductivity of your urine and indicates that you may need more fluid. In short: go to the (smart) toilet more often. After visiting the Smart Toilet, visitors receive nutritional advice with food and drinks they can buy at Brasserie 2050.

Creating awareness

The food was intended as a taste of the future. ‘‘Around 10 billion people will live in the world by 2050. To keep pace with world population growth, food production needs to increase by around 60% and its ecological impact reduced by 50%," says brand van experience & manager Tom van Kuyk partnerships at Rabobank. This is not only reflected in the dishes and stories, but Brasserie 2050 itself is fully demountable and reusable. The restaurant is equipped with a vertical farm, the tables are made from recycled plastic and the organic waste is composted, and we also use precise CO2 measurements that reduce the climate impact compared to climate change.

The first Smart Toilet

The Smart Toilets are developed by imec Netherlands, a subsidiary of imec, the Belgian research and innovation hub in the field of nanoelectronics and digital technology. The Smart Toilet was created in a collaboration between Rabobank, The Food Line-up, MOJO and imec Nederland.