Value check for employees after CSU profit

Value check for employees after CSU profit


At the beginning of July, CSU will again issue a unique profit distribution in the form of a value check. Thanks to a positive operating result, thousands of cleaning employees can profit from the success of the cleaning company in this way.

Investing in sustainable employability pays off

John van Hoof, Chairman of the Executive Board: "CSU is doing well. Despite the competition and continuous pressure on margins, we are able to maintain our results and we are still growing. This is something to be proud of and our employees are an essential link. They provide added value to our customers and deserve all appreciation for their commitment. We believe that investing in sustainable employability pays off. At CSU we therefore go beyond what is required by law. "

Value check for employees

For the cleaning staff there has been a unique profit distribution for a number of years in addition to the collective labor agreements. Because CSU has achieved the financial objectives, employees who meet the set criteria receive a value check. The value of the check depends on the number of years of service at CSU and the size of the employment.