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Evershine Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd.

We are a well renowned and established manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel products. Specialising in wide varieties of hygienic ashtray & waste bins, benches, bollards, trolleys, crowd control barriers, sign stands, bathroom accessories, including "custom-made items".
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Coynco is a company that operates in the field of industrial cleaning and vacuum cleaners suitable for all sectors. Its success is thanks to over thirty years of experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of Giancarlo Bettella, who also founded SOTECO S.p.A, a leading company in the production of commercial and professional vacuum cleaners, where he worked as the technical and product manager until 2000.
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CORMEN s.r.o.

The company CORMEN, s.r.o. was founded in 1994. Its activity has been focused on the production of chemical detergents for industry and household use. A part of the firm’s production has been oriented on cosmetics and its application. Products for industrial market has represented the major portion of the product sales. Due to a reasonable balance between quality and price, customers have been acquired not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia Poland and other countries in Europe.
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DuPont de Nemours(luxembourg) s.a.r.l.

DuPont: specialists in body protection DuPont develops innovative chemical protective clothing that helps protect wearers from dangerous vapours, liquids and particles. It offers a proven, cost-effective garment solution for almost every chemical protective clothing application. For further information please visit:
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Delfin S.r.l.

Delfin was founded over twenty-five years ago by the passion of its founder, Antonino Siclari, for the industrial vacuum sector. Since then he has never stopped working to offer its customers innovative and efficient solutions at the top of quality and design and he solves vacuuming problems for professionals and industries throughout the world.
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Fripa Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG

Fripa hygiene papers prove themselves daily by performing tasks in everyday life. With its highly advanced, high-quality product range, Fripa fulfils the diverse demands of retail as well as the steadily growing demands and needs of consumers for modern, appealing paper hygiene.
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Athea Laboratories, Inc.

ATHEA® is a turn-key private label manufacturer of canister and flow pack wet wipes. With over 60 years of manufacturing expertise in liquid blending and 20 years of high-performance wet wipe production, ATHEA® is an acknowledged leader in the private label wet wipes industry. Committed to excellence and unsurpassed quality, ATHEA® utilizes only the world’s highest quality substrates and formulations. Visit us at & contact us at
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ORMA Air Control

The ORMA catalogue is wide and can be divided in two different branches: pest control products and air fresheners. Our most important products are the one for the flies and mosquitoes control in indoor and Ho.Re.Ca. environments like for example our product Air Control, a metered insecticide based on a natural active ingredient and the line of glueboard HACCP fly traps Eurofly, Fly Barrier and Fly Control.
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Promopastor, S.L.

PROMOPASTOR, SL is a company that was established on 1994 and is manufacturing and distribution plastic items, household items, textile and professional cleaning products, among others. We have 22 years of experience devoted to look for the best solutions to professional and household cleaning in all places providing the best solutions for a quicker, effective, and cheaper cleaning.
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