Damian Armitage - Key Account Manager Greenspeed

I am Damian Armitage, 32 years old, and working as Key Account/Sales Manager at Greenspeed. I have almost grown within the cleaning industry, as my father and I were working for ISSA and Interclean for many years. I then started working for Greenspeed where I learned everything about the industry. Since then I have never left the industry, I enjoy working in this industry full of new opportunities and challenges. I look forward to meeting other young professionals from the industry to tackle these challenges together!

Laurens Metternich - Co-owner Spectro

My name is Laurens Metternich and I am co-owner of Spectro. We are manufacturer of cleaning agents for professional use. Soap is our blood, I have learned very much from my father and he learned it from his father. I am ambassador of YCP because I think our interesting industry can use a new generation and an improved image. I am hoping to meet other motivated YCP and stimulate other young people to join our industry.

Robert Stelling - Product Manager INTERCLEAN

My name is Robert Stelling, I work for Amsterdam RAI, organizer of the Interclean exhibitions in Amsterdam, Warsaw and Istanbul. As Product Manager I am responsible for the concept of these exhibitions, realizing them from A to Z. In this role I have been working closely with the cleaning industry and I got to know a lot of young and enthusiastic people in the industry, which triggered the idea to start the Young Cleaning Professionals initiative – to bring these young people together and be inspired by each other’s ideas and experiences!