Damian Armitage - Key Account Manager Greenspeed

I am Damian Armitage, 32 years old, and working as Key Account/Sales Manager at Greenspeed. I have almost grown within the cleaning industry, as my father and I were working for ISSA and Interclean for many years. I then started working for Greenspeed where I learned everything about the industry. Since then I have never left the industry, I enjoy working in this industry full of new opportunities and challenges. I look forward to meeting other young professionals from the industry to tackle these challenges together!

Dick van Dijk - Exclusiva

My name is Dick van Dijk. I work for Exclusiva, a wholesaler in the Benelux. Exclusiva sells a wide range of products from all over the world to meet the need of our customers. I am responsible for the Purchase department and sourcing in the EU, middle east, ASIA and USA. Besides that it is also my job to define and activate new (own) brands and the marketing strategy of the group. I grew up with this family business, and I am happy to be a part of this company and the industry. The YCP is an interesting concept for me to share our ideas about our working field and meet other inspiring professionals in our industry.

Martin Kennis - Owner Daka Services

Martin Kennis, owner of Daka Services, started his company five years ago in Dubai. He started to clean windows when he was 15 years old as a job besides his study. At the age of 18, he started his own company in cleaning. Seven years later, he stopped the cleaning activities and started to produce window cleaning systems. And finally last year, he started a new company in Dubai, selling window cleaning systems, cleaning agents and floor cleaning equipment.

Laurens Metternich - Co-owner Spectro

My name is Laurens Metternich and I am co-owner of Spectro. We are manufacturer of cleaning agents for professional use. Soap is our blood, I have learned very much from my father and he learned it from his father. I am ambassador of YCP because I think our interesting industry can use a new generation and an improved image. I am hoping to meet other motivated YCP and stimulate other young people to join our industry.

Jeroen van der Poel - Regional Account Manager Unger

My name is Jeroen van der Poel and I'm 33 years old. Currently I am working as a Regional Account Manager for Unger and my region is Benelux, Turkey & Middle East. I started my career as a Territory Manager for Ecolab when I was 20 and stayed in the cleaning industry ever since. I joined the YCP program since this initiave is promising and I want to contribute to generate and discuss new ideas that we have on the market in general, but mainly on exhibitions and how to attract more young cleaning professionals.

Mathijs Burgman - General Support Manager at Burgman Supply

Company: Burgman Supply (family business) Function: Operational employee, working since 2000 Burgman Supply Studies: MBO International Wholesale (rounded). MBO Marketing and Communications (rounded). HBO Small Business and Retail Management (rounded).

From an early age on Mathijs worked in the family business Burgman Supply. His parents, Ad and Marie-Lene Burgman, always said: "you have to start at the bottom of the company". He began working as a mechanic and is now responsible for the digital marketing of Burgman Supply. A family business runs 24/7, so main topic of the dinner conversation is still about Burgman Supply. Mathijs is the next generation to take Burgman Supply to a higher level of professionalization.

Robert Stelling - Product Manager ISSA/INTERCLEAN

My name is Robert Stelling, I work for Amsterdam RAI, organizer of the {{dic.beursnaam}} exhibitions in Amsterdam, Warsaw and Istanbul. As Product Manager I am responsible for the concept of these exhibitions, realizing them from A to Z. In this role I have been working closely with the cleaning industry and I got to know a lot of young and enthusiastic people in the industry, which triggered the idea to start the Young Cleaning Professionals initiative – to bring these young people together and be inspired by each other’s ideas and experiences!

Martine Mallee - Marketing and Communications Manager EMEA ISSA

I have now been working at ISSA for 4 and a half years, as the EMEA Marketing and Communications Manager. A key part of my role has been to help develop projects with the specific aim of helping our valued members grow their businesses. In this endeavour, we offer members a number of useful tools, including educational articles, books, videos, as well as access to crucial market studies.

In addition, ISSA has organised many member gatherings, trade delegations and seminars. Each of these events presents a unique opportunity for ISSA members to learn from each other, share best practices, network, and create new business opportunities. Our EMEA e-newsletters provides updates on these and other projects that we are organising in the region, and are a great way to stay informed.

However, whilst these events help our members succeed individually, in my opinion the greatest benefit to those who attend them is that they help to build a growing, international cleaning community. It is together, through this community, that we can drive higher global standards in our industry – which will benefit us all.

My on-going experience with ISSA has taught me the vital importance of cleaning to the world. Far too often, the people that clean our offices and public facilities are taken for granted or overlooked. However, through working with both the ISSA team as well as our members, it has truly been inspiring to see passionate and energetic people working hard to change the way the world views cleaning – and, I think, they are succeeding.

Yet whilst the importance of cleaning – and the great value it brings to society – is beginning to be more widely understood; for many people the cleaning industry itself is not always seen as an attractive career option. I would like this to change, and for young people in particular to see the dynamism and opportunities that exist within this ever-developing industry, and for them to bring their own fresh ideas and views to the mix – when combined with the more experienced industry voices, I am sure this will help ensure the world is a cleaner, better place to live in.