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19 - 21 April 2021 | CNCC Beijing



Interclean show hosted by RAI, is the No 1 cleaning show in the world. It will be a major event and an exciting moment for the Chinese cleaning industry when Interclean finally comes to Beijing in 2021! As the leading association in China for manufacturers of cleaning equipment & supplies, ACCESS wholeheartedly supports this show, since Interclean China will undoubtedly provide a world class platform for ACCESS' members.

由RAI阿姆斯特丹国际展览集团主办的Interclean国际清洁与维护展览会是世界清洁行业第一大展。而如今Interclean将于2021年在北京举办的首届中国展的决定令人振奋,必将成为中国清洁行业领先展览。作为行业专业龙头协会,我们深信Interclean 荷兰国际清洁与维护展览会中国展毫无疑问能为协会会员单位提供世界级商贸平台——ACCESS中国清洁设备及用品供应商协会定将提供鼎力支持!

Mr. Jonathan Zhang, Secretary General of ACCESS


Since many years Interclean in Amsterdam has proven to be the number one recognised networking platform for the worldwide cleaning industry. As representative of the European Cleaning Machinery Industry EUnited is happy to see that Interclean is on the way to start an Interclean China that will certainly become the number one exhibition for the Chinese Cleaning Industry. The exhibition will take place for the first time in 2021 and will focus on innovation and the latest market trends. We are very much looking forward to this exciting new opportunity for our members.

Peter Hug, Managing Director EUnited Cleaning

Interclean China 2021 will be the best party ever for our industry together, see you in Beijing 2021!

2021年Interclean China中国展必将是有史以来我们中国清洁行业最佳的行业盛会。2021年北京见!

Mr. Simon Chen, Founder of ICE


The Chinese market has been developing rapidly and is witnessing an increasing demand for quality products. Together with our stakeholders and local office in Shanghai, our team in Amsterdam is excited to expand the Interclean portfolio once again. Collaborating with the industry, and bringing our expertise and innovative network, we are working together to create a flagship for the Asian region.

Rob den Hertog, Director Interclean


China has become more than a relevant market for our industry – it is the market with the one of the greatest growth potential. From a global perspective, China will even become one of the most important market for Cleaning products in the years ahead; and also for Kärcher, there are enormous opportunities in this country. As cleaning is not a product but a solution, that involves different stakeholders, our industry depends on networking – this is why a trade show is essential. We are glad that with the Interclean, a trade show is developing here that is guided by the needs of the industry. So, we are happy to support the Interclean in establishing a professional tradeshow architecture.

Markus Asch , Deputy Chief Executive Officer Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

Interclean China, with the concept of "innovation + science and technology", identifies the precise direction of development of the global clean industry and integrates it into the show wisely. The event embraces international and domestic innovative ideas and products, and fully demonstrates cutting-edge cleaning technology. With its outstanding international background and resources, Interclean China brings and showcases classic solutions to help China's cleaning service industry to develop further in a combination of scientific, ecological, professional and personalized way. During Interclean China, both international and domestic visitors will surely witness the development of international technology, enhance the exchange of industrial updates, enlarge industrial networks, and thus motivate the enterprises to further develop and integrate in the new trend market, and eventually level up both themselves and the industry together.


Mr. Zhai Jialiang, Secretary General of Beijing Cleaning Association

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