Innovation is a key element of the character the Interclean exhibition in Amsterdam. It was also mentioned to be the primary reason to visit by previous guests. With the introduction of the InnovationLAB, Interclean Amsterdam offers innovative design and inventions a central stage during the show. The InnovationLAB will showcase products that were nominated for the Innovation Award 2018 and visitors can browse through the detailed information of each individual product on the readily provided tablets. The stage will host seminars, workshops, debates and presentations throughout the show. The LAB also features a NEWSROOM where film crews conduct and record interviews with the nominees. Other content about the show and its exhibitors will be collected by our keen reporters.

Showcase of the Innovation Award winners 2016

Amsterdam Innovation Award 2016

The world’s number one international competition for new cleaning machines, equipment and accessories has enormous industry prestige and a worldwide commercial impact.

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InnovationLAB ON STAGE


The InnovationLAB features an open audience seating area where the majority of the session on innovation will take place.

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The InnovationLAB NEWSROOM features live interviews recorded and edited live by RAI film crews and shown on the large AV screen in the InnovationLAB.

Robot Arena

Robotics and other Smart technologies are rapidly entering our sector. The Robot-Arena, part of the InnovationLAB, is located in hall 8 and can be considered as the focal point for all innovations. Thriving to inspire the audience from the perspective of the advantages for you as end-user, the Robot-Arena, will feature all current available technologies and trends available. You can follow the demonstrations, you can update yourself on the advantages of these new developments for your work, and speak to the companies who deliver these solutions.

Ever asked yourself: What can this new technology do for me in relation to efficiency, quality, cost and customer satisfaction? And what do I need to know before I start? Visit the InnovationLab and your questions will be answered.

Virtual innovation Show

An inspiring presentation and demonstration of the effect of new technologies on the cleaning market. Not just the use of smart devices, but also discussing new business models that are built and driven by new technologies.

Vincent Everts about the latest cleaning trends